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Conserving Nature with Geosynthetics...!
The Engineering Team for SOIL & Water

The Engineering Team for ‘SOIL& WATER’

Zentraac Engineers and Consultants Pvt.Ltd is an organization firmly believing in the ‘plug and play’ method of consultancy wherein right from preparing the DPR for projects involving river, road ,canal and hill to design, procurement, installation & post construction maintenance, we take care of anything and everything under the sun. 

The engineering Team for SOIL AND WATER

Having a headquarter in Kolkata and a registered office in Guwahati, we have a considerable experience and reach in Eastern and North Eastern India and also the bordering nations notably Arunachal Pradesh, Bhutan, West Bengal and Sikkim. 

Zentraac Engineers and Consultant  Pvt. Ltd.

Geosynthetics, as we all know has emerged as a proven remedy to “stabilize life on earth” and we provide a holistic solution in River erosion control, road construction on weak soil, ground improvement , railways trackbed stabilisation, readymade embankments for Roads and Reservoirs and Hill slope stabilisation by using geosynthetics of different kinds. Our immensely gifted and experienced engineering and BD team ensures smooth execution anywhere in Eastern India in the shortest possible time.       

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